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Smartphone users are often on the lookout for top optimization apps. They come in handy and help clear the phone’s storage space by deleting all junk. One of such apps is AVG Cleaner Pro. Users can download the APK file from Google Store or App Store, depending on the device they use. This program works on both iOS and Android. Yet, before you leak into action, let’s get to know more facts about AVG Cleaner Pro and whether it deserves your time.

Top 5 Facts about the Software

When you find out more about AVG Cleaner Pro, you’ll notice the following features

  • Cash cleanup serves to remove cash files and clean up space. Removing cash makes smartphone work faster (in most cases);
  • Disk cleanup performs a similar feature. Using this tool, users may remove unnecessary multimedia files. In the app, users will see all the files on the phone. Sort through them and click on the ones you want to be removed;
  • Photo gallery optimization specializes in keeping your gallery in order. The software scans all photos and offers to delete blurred photos and doubles. It’s a convenient way to free up space for new memories;
  • Cloud exchange comes only with a premium subscription. The tool allows synchronizing the device with all cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.;
  • Optimization features work on speeding up the performance and preserving battery health.

Other features and possibilities

AVG Pro has a free version, too. However, it’s quite limited. To unlock the app’s full potential, you’ll have to buy the subscription.

The application definitely deserves attention because it also shared useful tips on smartphone maintenance. Optimization tips help users manage the files and avoid gathering junk.

If you worry that the software has any connection to AVG Antivirus, stop. It is a separate product, meaning you can have any other antivirus without any issues or software conflicts.

Is It Worth Installing?

The app market has plenty of similar cleaners. So, naturally, the question appears. Is AVG Cleaner Pro worth the cost? Well, the answer depends on every user. In case you see that you want the offered features, then yes. In case you are looking for other optimization tools or different cleaner modes, keep looking for an alternative.

AVG Cleaner Pro stands out by offering automated reminders. It’s a useful feature but not the only advantage. The APK file is lightweight. Once you download and run it, you’ll get a user-friendly interface with all the features on the screen. Access the wanted one in one click.

Final Thoughts

AVG Cleaner Pro is a convenient tool for iOS and Android devices. It delivers useful optimization features as well as removes unnecessary files for advanced maintenance.

Install the program to sort through your photo library and finally get rid of all blurry pictures or copies of the same files. Use the premium version to synchronize the device with all cloud services.


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