Avast SecureLine VPN is a popular way to get a virtual private network. The company specializes in antivirus software, but this product also deserves your attention for several reasons. Let’s learn more about this VPN and what Reddit thinks about it.

General Impression from the Software

Avast is an award-winning company. It increases the trust that the software will be reliable. Avast VPN is the best solution for users who already use other Avast products. Together, they will complete each other and perform smoothly for all-round protection. Moreover, the company often has special deals and additional discounts for users who buy a subscription to several services.

The main reasons people get a VPN are the desires to receive:

  • Increases anonymity;
  • Complete privacy;
  • Enhanced security from online threats;
  • A possibility to avoid filters and access any content.

Luckily, Avast VPN delivers those features by using top-quality encryption and several extra tools.

Main Facts to Know about Avast VPN

  • The company offers a 7-day free trial period;
  • Avast VPN has a very limited number of servers. Users can access about 55 servers in over 3 countries;
  • It is enough for everyday online browsing;
  • The software has a kill-switch which secures personal data in case the connection is lost or interrupted;
  • Avast VPN hides users’ IP addresses and encrypts all transmitted data;
  • The program is user-friendly;
  • One license can cover up to five devices but secures only one simultaneous connection;
  • This VPN uses advanced encryption protocols and has DNS-Leak Protection;
  • The service secures excellent speeds;
  • In case you need to access customer support, you’ll be upset to discover that the company only offers premium services at an additional cost. However, users can study the FAQ articles and discover the answers they need.


The official website states that Avast VPN can unblock Netflix. However, there are numerous discussions on Reddit about this feature. Many users failed to access this streaming platform and got disappointed in the service. So, in case you wish to get a VPN for streaming, either use the free version to test the feature or move on to an alternative option.

Another controversy is the number of connections. If you want to cover all household devices with one service, Avast won’t be the best solution.

The Verdict

Despite all the conflicting reviews, Avast VPN is a decent choice. It secures high speeds and brings additional protection. The latter comes in handy when using public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks.

In case you consider getting Avast VPN, take into account the prices. Reddit has lots of discussions about that. Some users find it overpriced while others try to prove that it’s excellent value for the money. Clearly, everybody has a different budget and preferences.

In general, the software has enough features to increase your anonymity and enhance security during online browsing. Avast VPN will protect your information. It uses advanced encryption tools as well as additional features to maintain a secure connection.

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