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Comparison of two antivirus giants – Bitdefender and Avast – is not an easy task. There is more than one reason why both companies have millions of users worldwide. However, the question of who is better remains. Honestly, the answer differs all the time because it all depends on the users’ preferences, needs, online activities, etc.

Bitdefender is often chosen as the best in the industry. Is it really so? Let’s compare Bitdefender and Avast in terms of features, protection levels, user-friendliness, price, and customer support. These facts will help determine the best antivirus.

A Variety of Features

Both companies excel at delivering versatile features that enhance protection from all sorts of threats.

Bitdefender, for instance, offers several sets of extras. It is directly reflected in the cost of the plans. The most expensive one offers a password manager, a VPN, social network protection, webcam protection, Real-Time Data Protection, anti-fraud tools, protection from phishing sites, vulnerability, scanner, etc.

Avast doesn’t fall behind and offers plenty of additional features, too. The most luxurious package brings a secure browser, a VPN, a password manager, a Wi-Fi inspector, a sandbox, browser cleanup, CyberCapture, and other features. Its free edition has lots of perks, too.

Protection Levels

In terms of core protection, both software solutions have advanced engines that score excellent detection rates according to the independent testing labs. Visit AV-Test or AV-Comparatives to learn the latest numbers.


Here everything depends on a user’s taste. Both companies deliver visually-appealing interfaces. Even beginners will quickly learn to navigate them or adjust the settings if needed. However, most users agree that Bitdefender has managed to win them over. It allows accessing most features from the main window.

Pricing Policies

This factor is a decision-making factor for many users. Well, nothing can beat Avast Free. On the other hand, if you choose between premium packages, Bitdefender is more affordable. Its services start from $3 per month. By picking suitable plans, users can protect up to 10 devices with one subscription, too.

Customer Support

Did you know that many users never end up using customer support services? Well, if you are one of them, this aspect won’t make any difference for you. In case you often consult professionals, both companies can provide the needed consultation. However, both companies have quite average customer support.

Bitdefender offers live chat, email, phone support as well as a huge knowledgebase. Avast has the same services but also offers premium support for $200 per year.

Bottom Line

While it was a close call, Bitdefender got to the lead in this comparison. The company offers a little bit more when you compare premium options. Bitdefender has a better interface, price, protection. Yet, when you look at the extra features, the choice depends on what you want from your antivirus. Both companies deliver similar features but offer unique ones, too. Choose the ones you want more. In case you search for a free antivirus, Avast has more features for you.


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