When you decide to switch to another antivirus or reinstall the current one (trying to eliminate any glitches or issues), a question of how to remove the antivirus from Mac occurs. Moving it to the trash is not a solution. It won’t uninstall the app. Moreover, installing new software afterward can lead to software conflicts and even more trouble. Let’s discuss some popular but simple ways to remove Avast from Mac.

The Main Way to Uninstall Avast

To uninstall the software, a user must complete a few simple steps:

  • Run Avast and choose Open Avast Security from the top menu;
  • In the menu bar, click on Go, then Applications, then Avast;
  • Click on Uninstall Avast Security and verify the action;
  • Sometimes a Touch ID or a password is required;
  • After the uninstallation is over, a user must click on Quit to finalize the action.

Now you can install any antivirus software to protect your device.

Alternative Solutions

In case this method doesn’t work, or you prefer other methods, try the following ones:

  • Use third-party software. There are lots of options on the market. Many optimization tools offer to uninstall the unwanted software and clean up any leftover files;
  • Avast also offers a dedicated uninstaller tool. Using it, one can easily remove Avast from Mac;
  • More experienced users can get rid of Avast manually. In this case, one should quit Avast antivirus (make sure you stop the subscription lest you get new charges for the services you don’t use anymore). Then it’s crucial to remove the app from the applications folder as well as the library folder.

Using third-party cleaners is the most reliable way to remove Avast and all related files. It’s probably one of the simplest, too. Simply find it on the list of apps, click on it, and pick delete/uninstall/remove.

Useful Tips You Should Know

Now you know two main facts. First, that moving the app to trash doesn’t remove it. Second, removing the software doesn’t stop the subscription. Users, who purchase antivirus services from Avast or any other company, should log into their accounts online and stop the subscription. That’s the case when you want to remove Avast from Mac completely. In case you uninstall it to install the software from scratch again, this operation is not needed.

Using third-party cleaners is faster than the company’s uninstallers. It lets you skip most steps and removes the program immediately after you verify the action.

Bottom Line

Installing and uninstalling Avast is not that complicated. Any user can do it. Especially, when using our instructions. However, in case you face any difficulties, you can contact the support team and resolve your situation with the help of professionals.

Now you know about several ways of removing the software. Choose the most suitable one for you. However, in case you haven’t decided which antivirus you’ll install next, do not remove the software. You’ll leave the device vulnerable to online threats.

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