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Today is brought to you by express VPN. And the reason why I want to do a episode on this one is recently in the news, there was a announcement of a very popular, very renowned VPN service. I’m not going to mention it and continue to drag them through the mud about how they were breached. And I get asked a lot on what type of tools that I use, what type of security tools they use. And I try to remain agnostic and then let people decide on their selves is to go out and do their research.

However, when this particular case comes up and we have a breach, people are like, okay, I need a service. And so I’m going to say that, that I use express VPN. I have used other paid VPN services in the past, but a year and a half ago, I switched to express VPN and I have not had any of the issues that caused me to look for new services for my, for my older services, uh, since then, and which is fantastic. And if you listen to the podcast, I talk a lot about personal VPNs and why you should have them second to that is that a VPN is one of those services that you should invest, excuse me, invest in because you should never, ever, ever. And I’ve said this multiple times on many episodes in the past, never as tantalizing as it is never use a free VPN service.

The reason being is it’s not free. You, they, you are paying for it through your data. You don’t trust what the proxies are doing. You don’t trust what they’re logging, you don’t trust what they’re doing with their data. Is it truly providing the security that you ex that you demand from the VPN service? Uh, just don’t use them. Uh, VPNs VPNs are fairly inexpensive in the grand scheme of things over the course of the year in return to the value and the exponential security improvement that you get. So why would you use a personal VPN? Couple of reasons. One is to browse and use the internet anonymously and securely, even at your home. If you have a secure home network, you’re doing all the best practices, your internet service provider, without a VPN can watch and track everywhere that you go everywhere that you search can throttle your traffic.

If you’re overusing one service or another, and they can do all that. If you’re not using a VPN, a VPN creates a secure tunnel between your computer, your end point and the internet that no one, not even your internet service provider can look and see what you’re doing, what you’re watching, what you’re downloading, where you’re going. Second thing that is that you can unblock websites that may be or videos that are geographically blocked. Sometimes you might hit a video and says, this video is not available in your region. Well, VPN, um, like express VPN and others. They have servers all over the world. So if I want to look like I’m coming from Europe or Australia or Singapore, or, or Canada or wherever I can connect to those services. And then to the website that I’m consuming, it looks like I’m coming from Australia or wherever.

And then I can access, uh, unrestrict or access geographically restricted, uh, data. It B that becomes extremely handy if you’re traveling. So if you’re traveling out of the United States, for example, and you have various services that you pay for, and you’re using the local internet, say at your hotel, um, Netflix, HBO, and all these online services saying, Oh, you’re, you’re coming now from Mexico. And we don’t allow you to access it. Well, if you have a VPN, I can connect into the United States proxies and access to services that I pay for. And you can work through that way. Um, another benefit of a VPN is that it maintains security on networks that you don’t own or don’t trust fully. So even if you’re connecting to a guest network at a business, or if you’re a traveling salesman or need to go to work, uh, work client sites, and you’re connecting to their networks, use a VPN, especially if you’re doing coffee shops in airports and any other types of free wifi networks, you should always, always, always use a VPN, even though it’s trusted.

It’s, it’s, you’re confident that it’s okay. You don’t know what the access points. If those have been compromised and sniffing all of the traffic on it, you don’t know if the owners of those networks are on the straight and narrow. It that’s too much to take that risk. Even without a VPN, they can watch what you’re typing, what you’re entering, capture your credentials, et cetera, et cetera. So for me, express VPN is what I landed on it is the, um, fastest is faster than the other ones that I’ve used. It has servers all over the world. It allows me to put it on five devices. So I have it on my, um, personal desktop, all of my mobile devices. I have it on a copy on a work laptop that I use, and I run it all of the time. So if I’m online, my VPN is running regardless that way, then I don’t have to worry about it.

You can set it up to say your computer cannot access the internet without it turned on enabled, or you can say, well, I can disable it from time to time, but for the most part it’s running all the time. I don’t have any problems streaming or playing games or doing any type of high broadband consumption with the VPN on it. Hasn’t caused me any problems. So when I get asked, which ones do you use? That’s the one that I use. And that’s the one that I have been using. That’s when I will continue to be using, uh, Oh, one last important note on the VPN is that you need to make sure that they aren’t logging and they promote and stand by that they are not logging from their proxies. And why is that important? Because then it ensures more level of anonymity and privacy that, that your activity is not being tracked and logged to somewhere else through the internet and VPN services, um, that promote that and tout that, that way nobody state governments or law enforcement agencies or other companies can after any logs, if they don’t exist.

So that’s another purpose of that. So wrapping up express VPN is the one that I use. There are many out there, but that’s the one that I personally use. That’s the one that I support. And that’s the one that I reached out and able to now offer three free months to you. If you sign up for a year contract, you’ll get three months free. The link is get express, And five link will be in the show notes. I’ll write up a little blog post on security and as well. Use that link sign up for a year. You’ll get three free months. Um, if you choose to fantastic, if not, um, use what, what works, but just stay on top of the news, stay on top of, of, um, you know, these particular types of companies and reviews. And if you’re using the VPN service that was compromised, uh, it’s best to don’t take any risks and switch over. And this is an offer that, uh, just happens to line up. And I reached out, and this is the one that I use. I support it. And three free months to all the listeners out there, security and five, be aware, be safe.


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