In order to know the reply to the question, at first, let’s make the acquaintance with the AVG Browser, and know the features. It is designed by the experts on safety with the aim to secure your confidentiality and by the same to save the familiar and comfortable interface to the user. In contrast to other browsers, the browser guarantees the confidentiality and protection of your information from the first startup! You shouldn’t make any installation, configuration, or setting of the browser as other browsers require. From the first download of the AVG browser, you are in complete safety. It is really fantastic!

What does AVG Browser guarantee to the users and by what is different from other browsers?

By contract with other browsers, AVG provides a full range of secure possibilities:

– Mode of confidential lookup;

– Automatic block of advertisements which economize your traffic and will speed the operation;

– The progressive integration with the antivirus and VPN options;

– Encryption HTTPS;

– Protection against the traced scripts;

– Mask of digital footprints.

Hide from the tracing because everything is under control AVG Browser!

The input functions of confidentiality protect all aspects of your digital footprint from the very beginning. You can view web-pages with a high degree of anonymity from the browser startup. AVG browser doesn’t allow tracing your activity in the network. So, you can enjoy the confidential lookup of the web-pages!

Raise the web-pages lookup in 4 times!

The function “Advertising blockage” blocks the hard sells which interrupt your lookup continually. Less information is loaded, browser operation is quicker. It also provides protection and anonymity from the very beginning.

The full protection

AVG browser is considered as the best browser in the field of protection. It provides full-time discovery, identification, and any threat removal and protection from malicious software, phishing attacks, and stealing the personal and financial data in the real-time regime. AVG browser is tooled with special options such as Webcam Guard and Anti-Fingerprinting that raise the protection in several times! You won’t have any doubts about your security in the future!

Bottom line

ABG Browser is the safest browser. It can automatically delete cookie files, has the input add-blocking apps, which can be tooled at the user view and the protection means, developed but the technicians of AVG. Moreover, the AVG browser has the integration with AVG Secure VPN which allows coding the connection easily. And you, what is the most favorable? This is completely free! AVG browser is available on the Windows, Android, and Mac software.

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